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Strategic Management of Growth Companies – An Update

October 29, 2012

I created a course for the Harvard Extension School that I’ve been teaching for several years called Strategic Management of Growth Companies.  The course seems to have hit a sweet spot with entrepreneurial executives who want to know how to sustain growth:  whether in a startup that’s achieved initial success, or in an established company whose current business model faces maturity.  The course provides a 360 degree view of what it takes sustain success in a growth company, as I describe in this video:

Most of the participants have represented countries outside the US — including every continent except Antarctica. And why not?  As Yogi Berra once said, “It’s an international world.”  To reach an even broader audience, I’ll be teaching the course via live web conference starting in January 2013.

For busy executives there is also an intensive two-day version — or  Professional Development Program — offered several times a year.  Again, most executives have come from outside the US.

At a time when every economy is searching for growth and new jobs, growth companies are more important than ever.

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